Avocado Mountain

I left Miriam to sleep off her hangover today and set off for a wander through Cairns, ending up at Rusty’s Market just as they were closing. I was like a kid in a sweet shop staring at all the fruit and vegetables being sold for absolute minimum prices, and with no one there to stop me, I bought enough to fill up 3 shopping bags. Just I was heading out and I saw a whole box of avocados for $2. Although I had just bought 6 for $2 it didn’t make sense not to jump on this. Once I’d finally made it home I realised what the flip am I going to do with all of these avocados?!

9 hours later and I have so far used 4 up, only another 43 to go….


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  1. cookingworks says:

    You can use them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert, drink, make your own mask….. the list is endless!!! Too bad I’m 4 months late, i’m pretty sure the avocados are done by now :p

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