What originally was a disappointing morning ended up as a lovely day

We walked for ages to find out the place we were trying to get to was closed because of Anzac Day. So we headed to the Botanic Gardens and it then started to rain. We headed to the closest bus stop and the next bus wasn’t for another 30 minutes. Nothing was going right for us. Once we were finally on the bus we went to the supermarket (after even more walking) to then find that was closed. We left feeling very sorry for ourselves and walked along the empty streets.

Somehow we ended up at somewhere that was open (what a shock!!) which turned out to be a lovely little teahouse & kombucha bar called Lafew. It was such a lovely place serving vegan, paleo, organic and raw food. After the awful morning we’d had me and Miriam treated ourselves to lunch here and it was fabulous. I had a selection of dips, pro-biotic breads, raw pad Thai with zoodles (nicest tofu I’ve ever had) and two bliss balls. Miriam had rye bread with sweet chilli eggs. We even allowed ourselves to order some delicious loose leaf tea.

After this wonderful break our day was so much better; we found open shops and markets and actual people (?!). Miriam even bought a toy koala that she’s been wanting for ages now. Definitely think we will be visiting that cafe again.