Another day, another green tea

We had a successful morning!!!! We managed the things we were meant to do yesterday plus took our clothes to a charity shop and then spent an hour trying on/buying clothes.

We went to Cairns Botanical Gardens which was amazing! It was so weird having the rainforest so close to the city but really lovely to see . Miriam (the bright spark she is) bought insect repellent with her, so although we did get attacked my mossies I dread to think what it wouldve been without the repellent. There was such a range of flora and fauna and the path took us through a lovely array of tropical plants.


We ended our little trip with lunch and a drink at the café and then began the 6k walk back to our hostel (doing a crocodile hunt on the way, and believing we saw one which turned out to be a flathead fish). But all in all it was a lovely day, time to eat more avocado…

PS I am just posting random daily updates so I have a few more pics on my blog and it doesn’t look so bare.


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  1. great blog! loving all of your adventures!


    1. Thalia says:

      Thank you!!


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