Daintree Rainforest Tour

We started off the day heading to Port Douglas where we briefly explored the beach and went to a nice little lookout over Four Mile Beach and the rainforest behind. We then went to Mossman Gorge where we did a 2km walk through the rainforest. This again was pretty short but it was our first proper rainforest experience so we were pretty excited. Its such a surreal environment- just one hectare of the Daintree can contain over 30,000 living animals but all we saw here was a few spiders and a lizard unfortunately.

Four Mile Beach

After that we crossed over the Daintree River and drove on to Cape Tribulation-the only place in the world where the rainforest meets the Coral Reef. These are World Heritage Sites, meeting 4/10 of the criteria needed to belong to the list created by UNESCO. One of them being that they exhibit exceptional natural beauty, which I can confirm they definitely do. We had lunch in the sun (hummus obviously) and then we explored the beach. It was incredible having the rainforest on one side and directly on the other was the sea and the Great Barrier Reef.

Sweetest mango ever

We finished off the day on a boat cruise down the Daintree where we saw a wild crocodile (!!!) and then began the 2 hour drive home. I feel like an early night is needed for us after this jam-packed but wonderful day.


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