Dedicated to the country that stole my heart

I will be in Bali in 13 hours!!!!!! But until then I still have another 6 hours left at the airport and I’ve already been here for 10 hours; bored would be an absolute understatement. My final week in Australia has been wonderful- full of rainforest trips, drunken nights out and lazy days by the lagoon. This post is going to be me reminiscing over the time I have spent in this fabulous country.

Australia Day 2016


The first 5 and a bit months were spent in Perth, Western Australia. I worked as an au pair for a lovely family who really introduced me to the proper Australian life of BBQ’s, beach trips, kangaroos and the heat (!!). I made a group of friends from all over the world who I spent most weekends partying with. We would spend the hungover days eating hummus and drinking green tea. When we hadn’t gone out the night before we would spend the days relaxing on the beach, going to street festivals, marches for climate change or sometimes doing something more exciting like sandboarding or cliff diving, although the drive to the cliff diving was probably more scary… I also made lots of Australian friends who made me realise how incredible Aussies are, everyone is soooo friendly and hospitable; taking me exploring, watching sunsets over the beach and showing me secret spots I would never of known about. I spent my birthday and Christmas Day in the sun on the beach and New Year’s Eve at a mini music festival. My days off when I was alone I would take myself exploring and usually get lost or get ripped off for what I once thought was free cheese tasting, I would read a lot of books and nap a lot. Eventually one by one my friends started leaving and I knew I wasn’t far off…

my wonderful perth munchkins on my birthday

After a difficult goodbye and an emotional reunion I made it to Sydney. After spending a month here meeting some of the nicest people ever (and having some of the best BBQ’s…. Mmm what I would do for another one of those right now). I have then taken the next 3 months slowly traveling up the East Coast, stopping at pointless places because we had spare time (like Gladstone, don’t ever go there). These few months have been spent on the beach majority of the time; surfing, sunbathing, reading, swimming, picnics etc. We’ve had some un-beach related days like exploring and seeing wild koalas, rainforest trips and little bike rides. Then there has actually been times where we have actually done things like climbing mountains for sunrises at 5 in the morning, falling 14000 ft out of a plane, canoeing in the pouring rain for what felt like miles on end, sailing around the Whitsunday Islands, 4wding across Fraser Island, scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef and of course a lot of drinking has taken place. When I say a lot of drinking I mean two of us managed 19 litres of goon in under two weeks… And that was just pre drinks. I have also met a ridiculous amount of new friends; from rowdy English gals to crazy Dutch people to lovely Danish guys. The beauty of the East Coast is that there’s people you meet right at the start and then see them all the way up at every spot, since everyone does the same path. I must admit I am VERY excited to stop eating rice and tomatoe paste….

whitsundays crew

I’ve gone from brown hair to blonde to purple to pink to blue to purple and back to blonde hair again, traveled from Perth to Sydney to Cairns to Brisbane, been 1050 meters above sea level and 18 metres below sea level, traveled across the outback and desert to wetlands and rainforest, and now it’s over. But at least I’m leaving with a crazy list of new drinking games, a new ability to do shots (people who know me know how crazy that is, I don’t even need water anymore whaaat?!) and so many amazing hilarious stories that I will repeat till everyone is sick of them. Oh well, still another 3 months to go and this time we will be going to 6 countries so this will be much more of an adventure… I’m sure there will be many more stories to come.


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  1. Sarah says:

    Sounds like you’ve had so much fun in Australia!
    I only live over in New Zealand and now I’m tempted to go on a big trip around Auz after reading your blog.


    1. Thalia says:

      I reeeaally have, you sooo should go!! Its been the best time of my life x

      Liked by 1 person

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