First update on Indonesian food

Its not been too hard trying to get food without meat in, after a lot of slowly saying “without meat” or “just vegetable” I’ve now learnt how to say “no meat please” in Indonesian which seems to work. However, they still don’t really understand and I’ve been offered chicken soo many times when I’ve said I’m vegetarian. I even ordered a vegetarian soup the other day but after my first taste I had to ask what the stock was which turns out it was chicken.

Vegetarian Nasi Campur

Street food here is AMAZING; you get a choice of 4 different things with rice for the equivalent of £1. Usually there’s fried Tempe/tofu and then a variety of different vegetables all with incredible flavours. They always offer extra chili sauce but most of the time it’s been eye wateringly spicey without it anyway. They come wrapped up in a little paper cone which on our first night we thought was a bowl so we ate it out of it meaning it didn’t mix together so we had very spicey vegetables and plain rice… Then we realised after getting weird looks that you’re meant to unwrap it and combine it all yourself.

Tempe and very spicey veg

I am getting a bit sick of nasi/mie goreng since I’ve been having that for at least one meal a day since I got here 6 days ago, but it is really lovely and its a meal that is always able to be made without meat. My favourite Indonesian meal so far is Gado Gado, which is boiled vegetables with rice in a peanut sauce and a cracker. But then again I have really enjoyed everything I’ve had so far. I’m still yet to try Cah Kangkung which is stir fried water spinach so maybe I’ll try it for dinner tonight.

The nicest Nasi Goreng i've had yet

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