Malaysia, truly Asia

Malaysian cuisine is a mix of Chinese, Indian and Malay. I have one day left in Kuala Lumpur before we move onto Cambodia and haven’t tried any traditional Malay food yet because it seems to always contain meat. On our first day after visiting the Petronas Towers we had lunch at this little Street food restoran which was very similar to my much loved Warungs in Indonesia where you get a big portion of rice then point to the extras you want with it. This one had sooo many vegetables and the fried Tempe was the nicest I’ve ever had! That night we went to China Town for dinner and shared fried rice, fried noodles (keau teow), garlic vegetables and spring rolls. It was nice but I dont think I’m that much of a fan of chinese, I feel like it was lacking a lot of flavour compared to all the spicey things I’ve been eating recently…


The next day we visited the Batu Caves which are 3 different caves that have Hindu temples and shrines in. This meant there was a large variety of traditional Indian restaurants to choose from and the majority of them were vegetarian food only. The girls I’m traveling with all spent 3 months in India together so they know alot about Indian food. I made my decision based on their tips and it was absolutely delicious! I had parotta- which is a bit like a tortilla cross with flat bread- and masala and they bought out a selection of different sauces (i tried all of them although I think I was only meant to have one). We ate the traditional way of just using our right hand which surprisingly wasn’t too hard and the food was just incredible. I enjoyed it so much we went to another Indian place for dinner that night! I ordered roti canai (another flat bread type thing) and cheese but they were confused with my order and bought me out roti canai and a cheese naan which was more then enough for two people… needless to say I finished them both off myself.


Today we spent the day at Sunway Lagoon which is a theme park and waterpark and had a wonderful day. We queued for almost 2 hours for the world’s largest water ride, went in the world’s first 5D waterplex, went in this 20 minute long scare tunnel thing and lots of other water rides and whatnot. Our taxi driver back was talking to me about Indian food the whole way back which got me craving it again so for dinner we went for another Indian meal. I feel like I should be making the most out of the Indian food here since I probably won’t be able to get such traditional, delicious, Indian food like this back at home. I ordered thosai (dosa) AND chapati which came with daal, masala and coconut chutney. We also ordered vadai which were nice but apparently not as nice as the real deal in India…. So my trip to Malaysia has made me realise that the next place I need to visit is India for the incredible food.



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  1. thejuicenut says:

    Haha you’re making my mouth water! You are going to have to learn how to cook in all these different styles when you get home or you’ll have serious withdrawal symptoms 😊


    1. Thalia says:

      I know I’m seriously going to have to start learning! I’ve tried filming them a few times as they make them but I have no idea what ingredients they use so it’ll be tricky…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. miassky says:

    Oh i love indian food time if u come to malaysia i can take u to all the best indian food outlets around malaysia.


  3. Sarah says:

    I am so hungry now.


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