Warning-very negative ranty post coming up…

I hate Cambodia. I might just be thinking that because we have been fucked over so many times today and it’s only just midday but right now I would happily rather be anywhere else in the world then stuck on this slow boat to Koh Rong (more on that later).
At first I liked the people trying to get us to go on their tuk tuks and the kids trying to sell us bracelets and women trying to give us massages etc but now the novelty has completely worn off and I am so sick of it. You can’t walk 2 metres without someone harrassing you.

We were staying in a place called Sihanoukville where the first thing the man at reception says to us is “don’t go out with your phone/passport/purse/credit cards because you will get mugged and I’m sick of dealing with it, just take $10 and you’ll be fine”. Just what we want to hear as we check into a hostel at 11pm. We spent the next day on the beach which was nice when we weren’t being nagged by women to let them thread our leg hairs (“ooh la la so hairy”) or give us pedicures but we left that evening very sun burnt and tired. We went to a nice place for dinner- persuaded by the promise of free garlic bread which, for once, they actually followed through with! Sihanoukville is meant to be a party town so around 10pm we wondered along to the strip where all the clubs are and it was very quiet, we were lured into the first club with a free drink where we got chatting to the bar staff who gave us free glitter and told us it gets busy around 11. We went to the next bar and had another free drink and then sat on the beach waiting for the people to arrive. By 11.30 we had walked past the dead bars and ended up at the final one where they gave us free shots and free drinks then gave us some UV facepaint. We were still feeling hopefully at this point and we watched some fire dancers while finishing our drinks. An hour had gone, we’d had one more drink and by the time that we had finished them still no more people had arrived so we decided to call it a night. That was only a minor disappoint compared to other things…

Chickens on the beach

We bought our fast ferry ticket to Koh Rong and a night bus ticket to Siem Reap at the same place. We woke up this morning about to get our ferry and as we checked out the hostel I saw a sign that said ‘DO NOT GET NIGHT BUSES, THEY ARE VERY DANGEROUS’ so I asked the receptionist what it meant and he told us about loads of different stories of thefts and muggings that had happened on the night buses, he even told us one story about an attempted rape from the bus driver! He said the company we have booked with are the worst and our route to Siem Reap is also the worst. So now since we are four girls we are all absolutely terrified but he finished it off with “oh there’s nothing to worry about, just make sure 2 of you stay awake while the other 2 sleep, keep all valuables on you and don’t accept food/drink off anyone”… totally comforting. So now we are going to try and find people who might buy our tickets off us because surprise surprise we can’t get a refund for our ticket and can’t change the bus.

Luxury seats on the board

After that we are in silence as we arrive at the ferry port, thinking about what we’ve just learnt. We wait for our ferry for just under an hour (no suprise that it’s late) and then this boat, which is essentially a bit of blue wood, floats up and the people tell us that’s our boat. We check that this is the fast ferry and the staff don’t know and all they say is they don’t know how long it will take to get there. We queue under the blaring sun with our heavy rucksacks on for 20 minutes to find out the fast ferry that we had paid extra for has broken down and they have to ‘get parts from Thailand to fix it’ so we have to get the slow ferry instead. This ferry could take over 3 hours and the one we were supposed to get takes 45 minutes. We will no doubt not get a refund, and I now have to spend a few hours sat on the floor because they haven’t got enough seats.

P.s lacking in photos since I haven’t been taking my phone anywhere due to mugging precautions


2 Comments Add yours

  1. thejuicenut says:

    I’m loth to click Like, how awful and what a disappointment after the great build-up. I hope things get better and you manage to take away some happy memories too. Stay safe! ☺️


  2. Sarah says:

    I still want to visit Cambodia, but I have heard certain places are terrible.
    Hope it looks up for you soon!
    I’d be terrified to take that boat.


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