Siem Reap has restored my faith back in Cambodia


I think I should stop googling things and reading blogs before I do them. After th horror stories I’d heard/read it turns out the night bus to Siem Reap was fine. I slept the whole way- nothing was stolen and nothing dodgey happened. In fact it was the best night time journey I’ve had across Australia and Asia. The double beds were very small, more like single beds, but luckily there were four of us so we coupled up (unlike the poor Italian guy next to me who ended up sharing the bed with a random Cambodian man). We arrived in Siem Reap 4 hours earlier then planned which stressed me out because I had planned our pickup for the original arrival time and we didn’t know how else to get to the hostel/didn’t have a working phone to ring and change the time. We arrived at 5 in the morning and first thing I see is a sign with my name on to take us to our hostel- I’ve never been so grateful!! We had a nap then visited the temples of Angkor Wat which were beautiful. We went to 5 and my favourite was the second or last need to google names. That evening we visited the Night Market and ordered a meal. I finally found a vegetarian noodle soup where the broth wasn’t meat stock! After wanting noodle soup for so long I ordered it but it was lacking flavour which was disappointing but still nice none the less.

takeaway noodle soup on the bus?

The next day was painfully hot and we had nothing planned to do so we looked around the markets and tried to find the supposed ‘$1 manicure’ places but after no success we found a place with $1 ice cold fruit shakes and air con and stayed there enjoying not overheating. We ended up having to go back to our hostel because it was too hot to do anything and we relaxed and reading ect. That night I reeeeally wanted to find a traditional amok for my last meal in Cambodia and after about 20 different restaurants we found one we were all happy with and I ended up not ordering amok but ordering Cha Kroeung with tofu (I think. I can’t remember) which was soooo nice. It was spicey and peanutty, and slightly sour from the limes and the tofu was cooked perfectly. We finished our meal off nicely with some two-for-one cocktails.

Angkor Wat
Woke up today with an awful hangover and the dreadful realisation that I had a 8ish hour journey to Bangkok. Again, I had read sooo many horror stories about crossing the border and dangerous driving and hot overcrowded mini buses but in reality it’s been amazing. I was picked up in an air-conditioned car which I thought was going to just drop us to the bus station but took us the 2 hours all the way to the border crossing in Poipet. The crossing and border control took about an hour and most of it was spent in a room with a/c (we are doing well today) then we got dropped to a room with a/c AGAIN where we ordered food- I got my first proper Thai pad Thai and it was delish as I had hoped. We were here for a bit over an hour and then we bundled into a full mini van which is probably the worst part of the journey but still a million times nicer then I had thought it was going to be. I guess it helps to go into something with low hopes because it’ll turn out better (hopefully) then expected. This part of the journey should’ve taken about 4 hours but took 7 hours. It was hot, uncomfortable, we stopped loads and some annoying guys at the back were playing their music really loud… Wasn’t ideal, but I’m here now. I managed to find the hostel after the taxi driver refused to drop me at the stop I was promised and I’m going to tuck into my double bed and read my book


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  1. thejuicenut says:

    Pleased to know you’re safe and happy and you finally had your Thai Pad Thai! 👏🏻


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