I can’t believe I was pescetarian, brief rant


Since visiting various markets,  reading stories and hearing news stories about the living conditions for fishermen in and around Asia and the awful way they treat the fish it shocks me to think that I once was pescetarian (until half a year ago!!!) and that I almost considered eating fish over here! This thought came to me as I was in a boat trip in Cambodia and we were ‘fishing’ but only the captain caught anything. He got the fish he had caught, slammed it into the centre of the boat where I was sat, the left it in a bucket to slowly die.  He did the same with the next fish he caught as well but luckily some girl threw it back into the sea… Although with the force that he threw it into to boat I doubt it will survive for long back in the sea.

Anyway as that was happening I realised that there is no humane way of killing fish. People don’t stun them, like they’re supposed to with cows/chickens/pigs/sheep etc. They are left to die a slow painful death on a boat, being starved of oxygen. I used to think that eating fish is ok because somehow (??) they’re different to land animals, but they aren’t. They still feel pain AND they ALL suffer a tortuous death, there’s is no avoiding it. As well as that ‘sustainable’ fishing is still awful as they’re kept in fish farms where diseases spread easily, there’s way too many fish for the space so they feel pain and stress and it’s also ridiculously bad for the environment… Not to mention all completely unnatural. 

As well as that the people working on the fishing boats around Asia are kept as slaves! They are taken from their families and friends with the promise of money and they’re forced to work on these boats in awful conditions where their lives are threatened everyday, and not given any of the money they were told about. They’re beaten, tortured and abused on these boats and there’s no escape for them as they’re out at sea. People try and commit suicide and if/when they’re caught their punishment is worse then could ever be imagined. Read this: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/d8afe2a8447d4610b3293c119415bd4a/myanmar-fisherman-goes-home-after-22-years-slave?nc=1461602266139


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  1. thejuicenut says:

    Yep, it’s easy to close your eyes to what goes on in the fishing industry because it’s not in front of us and fish don’t scream and the fishing slaves don’t have a voice. Thank you for highlighting this. Travelling isn’t just about seeing the sights, it’s an education too.


    1. Thalia says:

      Exactly! It’s hard to believe these things happen until you see it in person


  2. itallstartshere says:

    This was a really great read. I’m currently about to travel around Asia and was expecting to see things like this, but thanks for the tip. I’ll be wise to avoid as much as possible!

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