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Being vegan is still going well. Been offered cheese and chocolate and easily said no to both (if you’d said this to me a month ago there would be no chance I’d believe that). Again, I guess it’s still early days but I’m finding this sooo much easier then I ever thought it would be.

Long story short I got knocked over in a club on Saturday night and have broken my coccyx. It’s really bloody annoying, because not only is it awfully painful but it means I can’t go to the gym and I was really starting to get back into it. But I have had a marvelous few days in the lovely weather; I’ve had BBQ’s and beach trips with my friends and spent all the time I can in the sun. Unfortunately the weather has turned a little bit miserable today but I guess that’s England for you isn’t it! 


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  1. thejuicenut says:

    Oooo that must really hurt! How much is it hampering your mobility? Have you got someone who will cook vegan for you? Hope you’re not in a lot of pain 🙁


    1. Thalia says:

      It was awfully painful and still is! I’m going to the doctor tomorrow to see what they say. I can move slowly but once I’m sat down it takes a while to stand. I’m still cooking fine which is wonderful!

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      1. thejuicenut says:

        Poor thing. Back pain is a given in our family, so I sympathise. Hope you get relief soon. 😊


  2. ClementineSophie says:

    Hope the veganism is still going well 😀


    1. Thalia says:

      It’s all going so well thank you, can’t see myself ever looking back


      1. ClementineSophie says:

        Yeyy!!! Congrats ❤


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