Fresher’s is almost over…

My first week of university has been heavily based around alcohol so I am very glad that fresher’s is now coming to an end and we can lay off the drinking. I have had the best week and made so many memories and friends already but I need to give my insides a break! Aside from the alcohol, however, I think I’ve been eating pretty healthily still. Me and one of my flat mates have created a little deal that I cook dinner and she cleans up afterwards (she’s a meat eater but happily eats vegan because I’m cooking it yay). So far I’ve made us a simple mushroom pasta with tomato and garlic sauce, vegetable stir fry, mushroom risotto and a sort of chilli kinda thing with rice. I’ve got through 4 pots of hummus and about 3 kilos of carrots for my lunches everyday, and for breakfast I’ve been alternating between porridge with almond butter and banana or avocado on toast. Who says being a student means eating unhealthily??

The wonderful view from my kitchen as i ate my first lunch here

Everyone asks me if it’s hard to be vegan and I always say no… even though I struggled with it so much before I finally gave everything up, I find it really easy to do now. It’s made me even more passionate about food (is that even possible?)  and I get excited about cooking everyday because I love it so much. I can’t wait to be able to cook more this year and see what I can create.

Beetroot, kale and apple juice in the Laines

I haven’t actually eaten out in Brighton yet but I can imagine it’s so easy, everywhere has vegan options here and there has to be at least 10 vegan cafes I’ve walked past! Even the restaurants on campus have plenty of vegan options and there’s even a vegan cafe here!! I think I know where all my student loan will be spent this year…

Salad on the beach one evening

All my new friends here and neighbours have said they want me to cook for them so hopefully soon I’ll be making everyone big vegan meals and they won’t even notice that slowly theyre turning vegan mwhahaha


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  1. thejuicenut says:

    Conversion by stealth, love it! 😉


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