My days attempt at deciding to be fit again

I woke up this morning, after dreaming about pole fitness, and joined the pole soc at uni. Although I’ve never done it before it is meant to be an incredible workout and and keeps you so fit so I thought I may as well try it… Last night I also joined the Sussex sustainable food group and I have the first lil meeting for the vegan society tonight which I’m looking forward to. I got out of bed, grabbed a banana, met up with a friend and we walked to the farmers market which is on campus. There was a variety of amazing looking foods to buy but I stuck with fruit and veg and then of course I had to buy a massive chocolate peanut butter brownie (it was vegan!!!!) 

I then came home, ate breakfast/lunch and headed off to my first seminar. Other than a slight ordeal of sitting in the wrong room and not realising for 10 minutes, it all went by smoothly. I came back and hung with some friends then we headed to the gym. One of my friends were doing ‘arm day’ so I participated in a bit of that until I was achey then headed back to do some cardio. 

I’ve just come back and organised my shelf of the fridge with what I bought today. I have left over veg and rice from yesterday that I’ll make into today’s dinner, tofu, half a pepper, carrots, hummus, lettuce, mushrooms, avocado, hummus (ofc), tomatoes, fresh ginger, homemade garlic aioli (I’ll post the recipe soon it’s delicious) and siracha. Once again who said being a student has to be unhealthy?! I’ve promised myself I’m going to head to the gym tomorrow at 6 for boxercise. No excuses. Now I’ve paid my gym membership I have no excuse not to go… Hopefully my laziness will not get in the way 


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  1. That vegan brownie looks amazing!

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  2. thejuicenut says:

    That’s got to be the healthiest (and cleanest!) student fridge I’ve ever seen! 😄👏🏻


  3. theninaisabella says:

    Have Fun in The gym haha ! I don’t like to workout in a gym , so i attempt to workout at home! But good luck ! P.s i can’t believe that vegan brownie 😱😍


  4. Keep up the great wok and continue eating healthy and having a balanced diet! You can do it 😉


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