First VegSoc

I actually ate so much at lunch I felt like I should be rolled across campus back to my halls. We just had the first Vegan Society meet up at uni which was a picnic and it was so so lovely. It was really nice to be surrounded by like minded people- those with a love for food and animal rights. We had really nice discussions and gave each other tips and whatnot about veganism. Hopefully a small group of us are planning to cook a big meal/go out for dinner together. 

I spent my morning making vegetable sushi to take along (which was a massive hit with everyone woooo). There was at least 20 people there and almost everyone bought food with them- from homemade savoury things like refried beans to leek and almond tarts to lentil salads… not to mention the ridiculous amount of hummus that was there. People also made lots of sweet things like cookies and cakes and flapjacks and muffins. Halfway through we even had to make a quick co op break to buy more hummus!!! I ate waaaay too much, but when faced with such a wide variety of I vegan foods of course I had to try it all…

Someone bought lots of cartons of this delicious chocolate milk that doesn’t have any sort of milk in (not animal/soya/nut etc)  which is made out of oats?! It was super creamy and yummy I recommend everyone to try it! I also want to try and make my own refried beans because the ones I tried were really nice and the only ones that can be bought near by all have lard in..

I ended my day with an hour of group mediation, bake off and then Netflix with my new gals. Such a wonderful day


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  1. thejuicenut says:

    So pleased to see you settling in well and finding friends with similar interests/values. The food sounds lovely – but judging from the first photo maybe next time you could introduce a discussion about plastic/packaging! 😂


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