Sometimes you just need a break

I’ve never ever felt stressed in my life, or at least not like I felt last week! 5 weeks in and finally hit me that I am actually at university to work and get a degree not to socialise. I am really enjoying learning about psychology and am finding it super interesting, but it came to writing my first essay and I felt like I’d hit a wall. I know everything I need to put in it but I just can’t formulate coherent sentences! I’m putting it down to the fact that I’m a year out of studying and have forgotten how to write an essay (?).

I felt like I was having a mini break down last week, with all sorts of questions running through my head- do I really want to be here? Is uni the wrong decision? Can I do this anymore?

I felt so overwhelmed with everything and I just felt like couldn’t be on campus anymore, so I planned a last minute trip home (suprising my friend in Bristol for her birthday en route). Although I traveled for almost 11 hours overall it was the best decision. It’s not even that I felt homesick I just needed a break.  It gave me time to relax, spend time with my family and have some alone time. I caught up with my family, ate a million cream crackers with my nan and then watched Bridget Jones Baby in the cinema on Saturday evening followed by the pub for some snacks and drinks with my mum. On Sunday I saw a friend, had a (much looked forward to) roast with my family and then I was back off on my journey home.

I now feel much more at ease after that little break, and after having a little chat with my tutor today I can hopefully attempt my essay again and it shouldn’t be so daunting… Fingers crossed


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  1. thejuicenut says:

    Oh I do recognise those feelings! So will most people who have been uni students far away from home. You just need to remove yourself from the point of stress and touch base for a while. Uni residences can be a hotbed of tension, it’s almost palpable, and it does you good to get away, switch off a bit and order your thoughts again. Well done for listening to your needs and not suffering in silence. So many do and it builds up to be unbearable and they throw everything in. Hope the essay goes well. 😊🙌🏻

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  2. ktkickass says:

    Good Luck with your exam!! Awesome you could fly home! 🙂


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