Why should we care about food waste?

First off, for your own benefit. Throwing good food away costs the average UK person £200! All is needed is to stick to a simple shopping list and you’re more likely save money by not buying unnecessary things.

Secondly, the environment. Food waste impacts the environment in a ridiculous amount of ways; every time we throw out a piece of food we are wasting energy and water and fuel from production and travel, we are increasing greenhouse gas emissions, we are decreasing biodiversity… I could go on but i’m sure you get the picture. Food waste is detrimental to the environment.

  • The global volume of food wasted per year is estimated to be 1.3 gigatonnes which equates to a ridiculous 1000000000000kg!!!
  • 3.3billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent of greenhouse gasses are released into the work every year through food waste
  • Agriculture accounts for 70% of all the water used throughout the world
  • One-third of the worlds total land area is used to grow food that iS WASTED

It actually makes me sad how something so simple as buying one kilogram of beef, not eating it and throwing it away is essentially wasting 50,000 litres of water!  So when the average UK household wastes 570 tonnes of meat a year that could be up to as much as 28500000000 LITRES OF WATER WASTED.

Even if you don’t care about the environment, surely the thought of saving £700 (per average household with children), is enough to not waste food?!


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  1. unlivingblog says:

    Hey Thalia :)Thanks for visiting my blog and following it:) I really like yours as well. This post is awesome! I will start following your to make sure I wont miss anymore exciting updates 🙂 Good Luck


  2. House Of Eco says:

    You’ve really put food waste into perspective with those statistics. It’s easy to only see the mouldy carrot and not all the resources that have been wasted in getting it to your fridge. Thank you!


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