Just another hummus obsessed English girl blogging her life away… I am absolutely in love with food, as many of my friends know (and constantly tell me I talk about it too much).

I moved out and started studying Psychology at university in September. Despite the hard work i’m sooo glad I stuck with it, because it at times I wasn’t sure it was the right decision but now I am and I am loving it.
My passion for food is ever increasing; especially as I learn more and more about the process of what goes into creating the food we buy and the effects it has on the world and our health. Since becoming vegetarian almost 4 years ago I have become a bit of a ranter about animal ethics/environment/health and all the other benefits from not eating meat. After on and off attempts at being vegan I decided that I was finally going to stick to it and so I have been for the past half a year (despite a few slip ups).
I started this blog as a little update of my year away traveling; about the food I was eating and the adventures I was going on. I have dreams of going traveling again one day but until  then i’m carrying it on with random thoughts, recipes I have created and my transition to veganism.

Hope you enjoy ✨